Again this year we are planning on having two swimming sessions. Session 1 will be from Monday, June 4 through Friday, June 15. Session 2 will run from Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 29.  You may register your child for either or both sessions.  Each session has 10 scheduled lessons.  The first session will have more time slots available.  The cost for either session will be $50 per student.  We continue to receive valuable and generous underwriting through the Amana Community Chest.  If a parent cannot afford to pay, write or call T.J. Croco at 319-430-9181.

For Session 1 we have planned 4 daily class times.  An 11:15 AM time could be added if warranted.  Session 2 will have planned 4 daily class times. We will be using the 2014, updated Red Cross performance-based classification system (Levels 1-6). We may have some minor adjustments in classes (i.e. Your student might be asked to attend a class that begins later or earlier.).  The first day is always organized chaos.  If there is enough interest we will be offering Junior Lifesaving.

Ways to Register: You may send in your registration to TJ Croco, Amana Pool, 3023 220th Trail, Amana, IA 52203 or to   You may call 622-3792 before Sunday, June 4 and leave a message with your child’s name, phone number, class time, and specific level.   You may also register the first day of each session.  We encourage you to pre-register.  Again, we may have to adjust class times on the 1st or 2nd day.  Make checks out to Amana Pool

The Levels are listed:
Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills              
Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills              
Level 3: Stroke Development             
Level 4: Stroke Improvement
Level 5: Stroke Refinement
Level 6: Personal Water Safety and/or Fitness Swimmer
Possible Junior Lifesaving

Tentative class division times are as follows (Actual class time is about 40 minutes.):

Session 1
12:00-12:40     Levels 1 and 2 and 3
12:45-1:25       Levels 1 and 2 and 3
1:30-2:10         Levels 3 and 4 and 5
2:15-2:55         Levels 4 and 5 and 6 Interest Groups
3:00-3:45         Only if other classes are crowded and we need to advance times (Junior Lifeguarding)

Session 2
9:45-11:10:30  Level 1 and 2
10:30-11:10     Levels 1 and 2
11:15-11:55     Levels 3 and 4 with Level 5 in group
12:00-12:40     If enough interest exists Levels 5 and 6 Interest Groups

After the first day of class, there may be a time change if there are any problems with enrollment numbers in a given class.  We will try and limit the number in a class to about 12 or fewer.  We will try to have aides or additional instructors for each of the lower levels.


The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible,
community members by providing an environment that inspires quality life-long learning.