Sept 12  6:30-7:30
Oct 10  6:30-7:30
Nov 14  6:30-7:30
Dec 12 6:30-7:30

Jan 9  6:30-7:30
Feb 13  6:30-7:30
March 13 6:30-7:30
April 10  6:30-7:30
May 8  6:30-7:30

Get Involved

Are you looking for a way to get more involved with your child’s education? PTO is a perfect opportunity to create a closer connection with staff and other parents. Our goals include informational meetings designed around specific topics that will help in parenting your elementary child, open forums for parent information and teacher feedback, and community learning programs.

We have several volunteer opportunities available.

Our primary focus in the past has been focused around teacher support and community events and we would like to move equally towards an environment of parent-teacher connection. We will continue to support and supplement classroom activities and needs, and also give extra support through fund-raising and classroom help.

Classroom Parties
Three holiday parties are hosted by room parents during the school year.

Classroom Materials
P.T.O. funds are used annually to buy books, classroom materials, assist with field trip expenses and class activities.

Bad Weather/Early Out Phone Tree
Notify parents [by request only] of unscheduled early outs due to bad weather.


Teacher Help Days
Volunteers help teachers prepare the classrooms the start of school.

Annual Fund-Raiser
gift catalog



Holiday Kraft Workshop
A huge success every year with a great turnout of little elves!



Family Fun Night
Games, food, and fun!

Art and Science Fair
The kids demonstrate science projects and show artwork.



Memory Books
A committee of busy parents work together on a book showcasing school year memories.

National Teacher Appreciation Week
A flower and card shower from the students followed by a special luncheon to show our appreciation.

Track & Field Day

Please bag your refundable cans and bottles and set out for pick up before 10:00am on that day. We cannot accept tea, juice, or water bottles. Your donation is greatly appreciated! Funds from the Can Shed collection are used to purchase books and materials for the Amana Community Library. The Can Shed continues throughout the year on the first Saturday of every month. We are always in need of volunteers to assist with collecting cans. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please contact Stacy Ritchie (662-4244) or Jamie Bormann (622-6229).



Jill Pasbrig
Wanda Miller 

Heidi Sandersfeld

Amy Krotz

The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible,
community members by providing an environment that inspires quality life-long learning.