Annual Notices

  • State and Federal regulations, as well as some district policies, require the district to annually post certain notifications to the public. Many of these notifications are distributed in several ways, including email.  We also provide a number of common notifications here on the web, through the links below.

    Click on the policy number for current policy information.

    Policy #    Policy Title

    102.E3       Equal Educational Opportunity-Notice of Section 504 Student and Parental Rights

    104            Anti-Bullying/Harassment

    104.E1      Anti-Bullying/Harassment-Investigation Procedures

    402.02       Child Abuse Reporting

    402.03       Abuse of Students by School District Employees 

    500            Objectives for Equal Opportunities for Students

    501.03       Compulsory Attendance

    501.04       Entrance-Admissions

    501.09       Student Absences-Excused

    501.10       Truancy-Unexcused Absences

    501.16       Homeless Children and Youth

    502.01       Student Appearance

    502.02       Care of School Property/Vandalism

    502.03       Freedom of Expression

    502.04       Student Complaints and Grievances

    502.06       Weapons

    502.07       Smoking-Drinking-Drugs

    502.08       Search and Seizure

    503.01       Student Conduct

    503.1R1     Student Conduct-Student Suspension

    503.02       Expulsion

    503.03       Fines-Fees-Charges

    503.05       Corporal Punishment, Mechanical Restraint and Prone Restraint

    503.08       Discipline of Students Who Make Threats of Violence or Cause Incidents of Violence

    504.03       Student Publications

    504.3R1     Student Publications-Code

    504.06       Student Activity Program

    505.08       Parental and Family Engagement District Wide Policy

    506.01       Education Records Access

    506.1E8     Education Records Access-Annual Notice

    506.02       Student Directory Information

    603.05       Health Education

    604.01       Private Instruction

    604.06       Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution

    605.06       Internet Appropriate Use

    711.2R1     Student Conduct on School Transportation 

    711.2R2     Student Conduct on School Transportation Regulation

    905.02       Tobacco Free Environment