• To the Clear Creek Amana Community School District, equity means that each student and educator has access to the resources and opportunities they need to fulfill their potential, and the characteristics of their identity should not stand in the way of that access.

    We help lead the District's efforts to cultivate our schools into an equitable institution by building an environment of Inclusive Excellence to ensure that everyone feels appreciated, validated, accepted, and treated fairly. Our students and staff have the right to learn and work in a setting where all backgrounds and experiences are welcomed, included, and encouraged. 

    The district will abide by the state of Iowa laws. 

    Education Equity Review 22-23

    Equity Review Report 22-23
    District Work Short Term

Your Voice Matters

  • We are committed to providing a safe environment in which students can learn and thrive. We are using Tip Line as a way of ensuring that all concerns are addressed. Students, families, staff, and community members are encouraged to use Tip Line to report any safety concern to school and/or district administration. Tip Line can also be used to share positive comments.

    Tips can be left anonymously or with contact information. Leaving contact information would allow for follow-up or further inquiry about the tip. Please know that any contact information will be treated with confidentiality. Personal information will only be shared with staff that is tasked with addressing the tip.

    If you wish to submit your tip anonymously, we will follow up on it, but will not be able to communicate with you. Please also feel free to contact your school principal with any concern. You may also contact Angelica Brothers, School Support Officer.

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