Preparing for High School

  • Here is a High School Success Guide to help you plan for high school High School Success Guide

    If you are interested in Clear Creek Amana High School Classes please look at our 2018-2019 Course Description Booklet.

    Recommended College Prep Courses

    English: Four years of English
    Mathematics: Three years of mathematics, including rigorous courses in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
    Natural Sciences: Three years of science, including rigorous courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
    Social Studies: Three years of social studies
    World Language: Most 4-year colleges require 2-4 years of the same foreign language
    Additional Courses: Some colleges and universities require other classes as prerequisites for admission, such as courses in the visual arts, music, theater, drama, dance, computer science, etc.

    It is important to note that at the high school we run on semesters instead of trimesters. It is also important to note that the high school runs on block schedules, which means that a student has 4 classes on A days, and 4 different classes on B days. It also means that classes are 80 minutes long (usually with some homework or project time built in). Leaving two days to get homework done before the next time you have class. There is also a 40 minute advisory period at the end of the day (except Wednesday) for students to work on homework and meet with teachers to get extra help. Click here for the 2018-19 bell schedule.