CCA Facility Rental FAQ

  • Q.     How do I submit a request?

    1. The district is using an online application process called FS Direct. The link can be found on our web-site under the Community tab, then public facility use.

    Q.     I tried to enter a facility request and was told I need to create an account. How do I do that?

    1. On the log in page, click Create One to create an account and follow the steps.

     Q,     My group does not have insurance. Who can I purchase it from?

    1. Sometimes homeowners insurance will work, ask your insurance agent.

     Q.     I submitted my request; does that mean it’s approved?

    1. No. Your request needs two (2) approvals before it can be activated. You will receive an email if/when your request has been approved.

     Q.     Once I have submitted a request, how long does it take to learn if my request has been approved?

    1. Generally, it may take up to 10 days from receipt of the facility use application to obtain approval. This is dependent when we have received all the information (application, principal’s approval and certificate of insurance).

     Q.     What are the events or situations that the district could cancel my reservation?

    1. Inclement or adverse weather, due to an urgent matter the Principal, Activities Director or Facilities Director can override scheduled use.

     Q.     My request was approved; however I need to make some changes to add additional time. What do I need to do to make the changes?

    1. Changes cannot be made to a request that has already been approved. A request for the additional time will need to be submitted as a new request. Contact the District Office.

     Q.     How do I cancel an event?

    1. Only an administrator can cancel an event. Contact the District Office.

     Q.     How far in advance can I schedule events?

    1. Events will be approved no more than 90 days prior to the event. Event will be declined and requestor will be required to re-submit application. 

     Q .    Can individuals rent the facilities?

    1. Yes. For safety and confidentiality reasons, please do not list your name in the Event Title. You can say, birthday party, swim party etc. Just avoid using a person’s name, either first or last.

     Q.     How many people can the Performing Arts Center hold?

    1. It can accommodate up to 799.