Open Enrollment

  • Application Information and Deadlines 

    If a parent or guardian wishes to open enroll their child(ren), they must: 

    • Complete an application and submit an application for each child in their family, and
    • Send the application to both the resident and receiving school districts on or before the established deadline (see deadlines below) to be considered for approval (Iowa Code § 282.18(2), as amended by 2021 Iowa Acts, HF847 and 2022 HF2589).


    • House File (HF) 2589 eliminates the March 1 deadline for open enrollment. This change allows parents/guardians to apply for open enrollment at any time without the need for good cause. The receiving district may deny an open enrollment request if one of the following  applies:

      • The application violates the district’s insufficient classroom space policy,
      • The district does not have the appropriate special education program,
      • The application would adversely affect the district’s implementation of a court-ordered desegregation plan, or
      • The student has been expelled or suspended.

    Important Notes 

      • Approval for one child in a family does not guarantee approval for other children in the same family. A parent or guardian must file an open enrollment request for each child in the family.
      • A parent or guardian may apply to more than one school district at the same time.
      • Parents must notify (in writing) the districts concerned if there is any change in the student's residence during the open enrollment period.
      • Parents must notify (in writing) the districts concerned if terminating open enrollment.

Clear Creek Amana School District Contact

  • The Clear Creek Amana School Board voted to approve the following guidelines regarding open enrollment requests effective for the 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 school years, per Board Policy 606.6

    Amana Elementary: Open
    CCA High School: Open

    Clear Creek Elementary: Closed
    North Bend Elementary: Closed
    Oak Hill Elementary: Closed
    Tiffin Elementary: Closed
    CCA Middle School: Closed

    Mail application to:

    Clear Creek Amana CSD Administration Office
    % Michelle Skubal
    PO Box 487
    Oxford, IA 52322. 

    Contact 319-828-4510 or email Michelle Skubal at michelleskubal @ for questions.

    CCA Open Enrollment Transfers-Procedures as a Sending District Policy 501.14 CCA Open Enrollment Transfers-Procedures as a Receiving District Policy 501.15