CCA District Extended Learning Program Goals

  • Program Goal #1
    Identify and serve students representing the diversity of the district (gender, race, SES, English Language Learners, and special education) in the areas of specific ability aptitude and general intellectual ability, grades K-12.  

    Program Goal #2
    Provide meaningful, personalized programming opportunities where gifted students actively design learning experiences to meet their affective and cognitive needs.

    Program Goal #3
    Provide ongoing professional development for staff, K-12, about the characteristics and needs of gifted and talented students, differentiation strategies, and acceleration options.

    Program Goal #4
    Develop collaborative partnerships with general education teachers, K-12, with the focus on implementing differentiation strategies and meeting personalized goals for identified gifted and talented students.

    Program Goal #5
    Communicate regularly with parents/guardians of students receiving Extended Learning Program services.


Extended Learning Program Student Learning Goals

  • Student Learning Goal #1   Develop collaboration and leadership skills.
    Students will listen to, share with and support the efforts of groups. Students will contribute to the group to accomplish a shared goal and value the efforts made by group members. Students will learn how to manage and resolve conflicts.    

    Student Learning Goal #2   Develop complex communication skills.
    Students will articulate thoughts and ideas using oral, digital, visual, nonverbal and written communication skills. Students will  listen to others to gain meaning.

    Student Learning Goal #3   Develop creativity and innovative thinking skills.
    Students will combine ideas to solve a problem, address an issue or make something new. Students will seek additional information, analyze multiple sources of information, and develop and expand on ideas. Students will take chances and learn to view failure as an opportunity to learn.

    Student Learning Goal #4   Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    Students will identify and seek information to understand problems. Students will brainstorm solutions or strategies to solve problems, develop and implement a plan and reflect on the results.

    Student Learning Goal #5   Develop interpersonal skills. 
    Students will demonstrate initiative, self-direction and personal responsibility. Students will respect the unique qualities of self and others.

    Student Learning Goal #6   Develop independent learning skills. Students will demonstrate motivation and commitment to achieve. Students will utilize metacognitive skills that foster independent and self-directed learning.