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    Acceleration Institute
    The purpose of the Acceleration Institute website is to inform educators, parents, policymakers, and researchers of the research and best practices concerning academic acceleration.

    ACE Mentor Program in Architecture, Construction and Engineering  
    ACE Mentor
    The ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. (ACE) helps mentor high school students and inspires them to pursue careers in design and construction. It’s now the construction industry's fastest-growing high school mentoring program, reaching over 8,000 students annually. Our mission is to engage, excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction through mentoring and to support their continued advancement in the industry.

    University of Iowa Belin and Blank International Center for Gifted and Talented
    Belin and BlankThe mission of the Belin-Blank Center is to empower and serve the international gifted community through exemplary leadership in programs, research, and advocacy.
    The Belin-Blank Center:

    • Identifies gifted, talented, and artistic learners;
    • Offers specialized educational opportunities for students;
    • Increases awareness and use of acceleration to enhance learning;
    • Provides assessment, counseling, and consultation services;
    • Develops curriculum resources and materials;
    • Facilitates the professional development of educators;
    • Disseminates information through conferences and publications;
    • Leads in local, national, and international policy formation;
    • Enhances educational opportunities through technology;
    • Collaborates with the worldwide gifted community;
    • Promotes access, diversity, and equity in developing talent.

    Council for Exceptional Children
    Council for Exceptional Children
    The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides professional development, advocates for individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.

    Davidson Institute for Talent Development
    Davidson Institute for Talent Development
    The  mission of the Davidson Institute is to recognize, nurture and support profoundly intelligent young people and to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents to make a positive difference.

    Iowa State Office of Precollegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted
    Office of Precollegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted   
    The goal of the OPPTAG program is to match students with appropriate learning experiences and emphasize an approach to teaching that underscores strengths and encourages high achievement. Additionally, all programs offer extracurricular enrichment experiences that broaden students' knowledge of the world.

    Iowa Talented and Gifted Association
    Iowa Talented & Gifted
    The Iowa Talented and Gifted Association is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization which was organized more than 40 years ago with a vision that gifted and talented children in the State of Iowa should receive an education commensurate with their abilities and needs.  ITAG is an affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children. ITAG promotes advocacy at the national, state and local levels, pre-service and in-service training in gifted education, and parent/community awareness, education and involvement. ITAG is comprised of parents, educators, other professionals, and community leaders who share an interest in the growth and development of gifted and talented individuals in Iowa.

    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
    The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is a private, independent foundation dedicated to advancing the education of exceptionally promising students who have financial need. The Foundation supports exceptional students from elementary school to graduate school through scholarships, grants, direct service, and knowledge creation and dissemination.

    Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa
    Kirkwood Regional Center
    A long-term educational investment for the central Kirkwood region, the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa offers traditional college programming as well as:

    • Innovative, high tech career academies with industry-recognized certifications
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences transfer courses
    • College readiness assessment and placement exams, including the National Career Readiness Certification
    • Scholarship and financial aid services, academic advising and career counseling services
    • Kirkwood Continuing Education courses and certification programs

    Students may follow several pathways after completing Kirkwood's career academies. Examples include college certificates, diplomas, associate’s, bachelor’s and graduate degrees and even immediate employment.

Additional Resources

  • Additional Resources

    National Association of Gifted Children
    National Association of Gifted Children
    NAGC staff and leaders support and develop policies and practices that encourage and respond to the diverse expressions of gifts and talents in children and youth from all cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups. NAGC supports and engages in research and development, staff development, advocacy, communication, and collaboration with other organizations and agencies who strive to improve the quality of education for all students. - See more at: NAGC Who We Are

    Post-Secondary Education Options (PSEO)
    Contact the Clear Creek Amana High School Counselor.

    Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)
    Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)
    SENG’s mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals: intellectually,physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. See more at: http://sengifted.org/about-seng/missionvision#sthash.6KFON2Cv.dpuf

    Workplace Learning Connection (WLC)
    Work Place Learning Connection
    WLC connects students and educators from Grant Wood AEA Area X school districts in Cedar, Benton, Iowa, Jones, Linn, Johnson and Washington counties in east central Iowa looking for career information with area business professionals who are interested in preparing our region's future employees. Students become more prepared for the local job market, and businesses have the opportunity to mold potential employees, creating a hands-on way for students to explore careers while still in high school. Contact the Clear Creek Amana High School Counselor for more information..