District Developed Service Delivery Plan

  • Iowa Department of Education Administrative Rules 41.408(2)c(2) state the delivery system shall be developed by a group of individuals that includes parents of eligible individuals, special education and general education teachers, administrators, and at least one AEA representative.

    PDF Draft of the District Developed Service Delivery Plan


    The content requirements of the District Developed Plans will be met through a set of five questions and a series of assurances. As part of this plan, districts must describe how Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) instructional services are provided to meet the needs of eligible children. Examples and suggested text are included to assist districts in developing their plan.


    1. What process was used to develop the special education delivery system for eligible individuals?
    2. How will services be organized and provided to eligible individuals?
    3. How will caseloads of special education teachers be determined and regularly monitored?
    4. What procedures will a special education teacher use to resolve caseload concerns?
    5. How will the delivery system for eligible individuals meet the targets identified in the state’s performance plan? How will the delivery system for eligible individuals address needs identified by the state in any determination made under Chapter 41? What process will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the delivery system for eligible individuals? 

    The draft plan is open to community comments for 30 days prior to School Board of Education approval at the January 16, 2019 regular scheduled meeting. Please submit your comments to Barb Hunt, Director of Special Services at barbhunt@ccaschools.org or 319-545-4490 ext. 1635.