Community Input Using Thought Exchange

  • February 2019

    We were able to dig deeper and get some insightful input from the February 2019 Thought Exchange. There were 410 participants who shared 297 thoughts with over 15,000 ratings of these thoughts. So not all participants shared thoughts but they took the time to rate the other thoughts. 

    SIAC reviewed the top thoughts by themes and summarized them for the school board of education to review at the April 2019 Regular School Board Meeting.

    Theme Summary: To view each thought within the themes, see the February Thought Exchange summary and click on the theme of interest.

    Themes graphic

    City Infrastructure: 

    • Communicate timelines on city/school infrastructure. (distinquish what the school manages and what the cities manages)


    • Healthier lunch options
    • A la carte options
    • More time to eat
    • Year Round School
    • Don't go to June - Add time 
    • No Spring Break


    • Continue STEM
    • Vocational opportunities
    • Arts
    • Foreign Language
    • More Opportunities for High School Special Education
    • More Muisic opportunities
    • Support smaller sports
    • Add teams as enrollment increases i.e. intramurals
    • Promote volunteer opportunities
    • More before and after school options


    • Promote existing programming & extra curriculars
    • Recognize and be aware of potential barriers
    • Continued education of community/staff/students in diversity


    • Stress positive public presence with staff
    • Long-term growth planning with staff and facilities

    Communications (Distirct/Teachers/Parents/Students):

    • One combined calendar and separate calendars by building
    • Opportunity Repository: i.e scholarships, internships, volunteering (silver cord program) Community service
    • Maximize tech-ed tools i.e. Schoology, google, PowerSchool, Seesaw
    • Continue PR. Hit all communities, link to Tiffin, North Liberty, Coralville city sites. Recent PR with mental health and KCRG.
    • Invite parents/community to town Hall meetings with admin team 

    Small Class Sizes:

    • Maintain small class room sizes
    • Personalization/targeted instruction
    • individual attention

    Academic Achievements/Standards:

    • Higher expectations
    • Transitions (from buildings to post-secondary
    • Middle School Grading Policy


    • Small-town feel
    • Inclusivity
    • School Pride

    Facilities/Parking Lot/Boundaries:

    • Communicate construction progress and timelines for current and future projects


    • Communicate what is being done
    • Educate parents/students on dangers of vaping
    • Accountability


    • Chromebook repairs and timeliness of repair service

    November 2018

    The Clear Creek Community School District would like to thank you for taking the time to participate in the November 2018 Thought Exchange. Your input is important to us in shaping and improving our District.  We had over 460 participants and of those participants, 300 thoughts were generated with over 11,000 thought ratings. We were looking for thoughts on what we were doing well and what we could improve on.

    "It was reassuring to hear from many of the participants who either offered thoughts about CCA staff or ranked them high to recognize we have 'qualified, caring and engaged staff' dedicated to student achievement and learning in a safe environment.  We couldn’t agree more!"

    Where do we go from here? The School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) reviewed the thoughts and rankings late November and even though there was a lot of good information to gain, SIAC would like to dig deeper in to this conversation to learn more specifics to help guide the District. This is what you can expect:

    • Look for a new Thought Exchange in February for Students and Parents
    • We want to hear from as many families as possible
    • SIAC Will review the information at their scheduled March meeting and present recommendations
    • The recommendations will be used to help guide District planning 

    We invite you to look at the results from the November Thought Exchange to discover what was said. The Thought Exchange Website Link will allow you to review the top thoughts rated highest to lowest.




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