What CCA School Do You Attend?

  • Below is a link to a web mapping application that enables a person to find school attendance areas in Johnson County. When you enter your address you will learn if you live within the Clear Creek Amana Community School District and what school(s) you will attend.

    There are two methods for finding the school information of a desired location:

    1. In the Attendance Area Locator widget, enter an address and select it from the list or
    2. Click the inverted tear drop icon to the right of the search box, then click any location in the map viewer

    The map automatically zooms to the extent of the elementary attendance area. North Bend Elementary, Oak Hill Elementary, Tiffin Elementary, East Ridge Elementary and Clear Creek Elementary are all within Johnson County. Amana Elementary is in Iowa County.

    Johnson County: School Finder Tool

    For Iowa County CCA District Boundary Information http://lti2.gmdsolutions.com/drupal/BasicShell?ctid=48&BSI=Search_Realestate&tabid=1520