Clear Creek Amana 10-Year Master Plan

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    Clear Creek Amana’s 10-Year working plan captures the immediate and anticipated needs of our students, staff, community, and facilities over the next decade. Its practical, yet visionary, focus will allow all stakeholders to understand our best intentions and direction for education in Tiffin, Amana, Oxford, North Liberty and Coralville. 

    What led to the creation of the 10-year Strategic Growth Plan and its adoption? 

    Clear Creek Amana CSD is experiencing rapid student enrollment growth with families steadily moving into the community. It is projected that by the 2032-2033 school year, the district will serve nearly 4,541 students, which is almost double its size five years ago. Because of that growth, additional instructional space will be needed as CCACSD transitions from its former small school district status. The goals of the strategic plan include maximizing the use of existing facilities, maintaining fiscal responsibility during an inflationary market, pursuing future land, and providing more educational and extracurricular opportunities for the middle and high school.

    What information did the Board of Trustees consider when approving the 10-Year Strategic Plan?

    The Board of Trustees studied and considered multiple sources of information in adopting this plan. This included meetings and feedback with the CCACSD administration, the district’s Advisory & Planning Committee, CCACSD's demographer, town hall commentary, committee and community survey data. The Board also had input from administrative leaders from districts throughout the state.

    What are the priorities of the 10-Year Strategic Growth Plan?

    To address the rapid growth of student enrollment, the district has set priorities to ensure that every student has access to an educational experience that Clear Creek Amana CSD has historically been able to provide and built its great reputation upon. The district's plan includes maximizing the use of existing facilities and additional spaces on campuses, providing the most educational opportunities for all students, actively pursuing land options for future schools, and utilizing the facilities well-equipped for secondary and elementary student enrollment growth. 

    Will the 10-Year Strategic Growth Plan be reviewed regularly by the district & Board of Trustees?

    Yes. District administration and the Board of Trustees will review the plan every six months. The focus each six months will be the examination of the latest information and updates related to student enrollment growth, construction project timelines & market trends, district finances and bonding capacity. With this information each six months, it will allow the district and the Board of Trustees to plan accordingly and make adjustments to the plan if needed. School financing will also be a consideration moving forward, as is the case with all district matters. The Iowa Legislature reviews and makes adjustments to school finance every two years when it is in session. Any changes to school finances or funding will be considered in any decisions.

    Enrollment Analysis report by RSP

    Planning for Future Elementary Boundaries by RSP

    Master plan provided by Shive-Hattery 

Building Capacity, Considerations & Projects

  • Amana Elementary

  • Clear Creek Elementary

  • Clipper Early Childhood Academy

  • New Elementary in Coralville

  • North Bend Elementary

  • Oak Hill Elementary

  • Tiffin Elementary

  • Clear Creek Amana Middle School

  • Clear Creek Amana High School

Total Elementary Capacity with Current Grade Configuration

  • Elementary School Enrollment 2032/2033 of 2184 students

    • 406+ seats available for instructional capacity in 2032/2033 without considering the new elementary in Coralville
    • 2,115 total seats available without Amana capacity

Total Elementary Capacity with Current Grade Configuration Plus New Elementary

  • Elementary School Enrollment 2032/2033 of 2,184 students

    • 1,006+ seats available instructional capacity in 2032/2033
    • 2,715 total seats available without Amana capacity

Total Elementary Capacity with New Elementary as 4/5 Center

  • Elementary School Enrollment 2032/2033 of 2184 students

    • 1,021+ seats available instructional capacity in 2032/2033
    • 2,730 total seats available without Amana capacity
    • Negligible difference however, capacity of a 4/5 center would be larger overall

Capacity Analysis by Grade

    • K-3 total enrollment in ten years is 1,179
    • K-3 capacity, (NBE + TE + CCE) is 1,540
    • 475 additional seats available at Amana
    • 4-5 total enrollment in ten years is 677
    • 4/5 capacity, OHE is 575 - 650
    • 2025/2026 563 students, approaching instructional capacity
    • 2026/2027 626 students, exceeds instructional capacity
    • 2027/2028 664 students, exceeds structural capacity
    • Consider other alternatives for students beginning 2025/2026
      • Addition increases capacity to 700 instructional, 810 structural
      • Accommodates 10 years of 4/5 students
      • Building additions will require design time, bidding and construction
      • Potentially revise Coralville school to 4/5 as early as 2025/2026
        • Convert TE to K/1, OHE to 2/3
        • Will require use of flex classrooms years 2027 on
      • Move one grade to Amana

Total Enrollment by Grade

Total Enrollment by Grade Configurations


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  • Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

  • English Language Learners (ELL)

  • Health Services

  • Human Resources

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  • School Nutrition

  • Special Education

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