CCA Middle School Outdoor Classroom

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    The Outdoor Classroom located at the Middle School will provide students and faculty an opportunity to take the curriculum outside. The design was created with the input of students, teachers, staff, and community members to create a design that met the needs of everyone. Partnering with Backyard Abundance they took those needs and created the final design you see here. There are 6 main areas:

    Learning Shelter: This area serves the same purpose as an indoor classroom. It will be able to fit up to 25 students and will create flexibility for where and how teachers give instruction. The entire Outdoor Classroom will allow students to use their technology outdoors as well. 

    Activity Shelter: Acts as a space fit for movement and physical activity ranging from yoga and meditation to our PE and Adaptive PE classes. 

    Contemplation Nook: A highly requested area from students was a quiet area to take a breather and recharge. This also allows for smaller group gatherings such as counseling in a more calming environment. 

    Fern Gully: An area that will be full of ferns and mosses, great for the study of soil and plant life!

    Sensory Study: Full of short grass prairie and large flat boulders for sitting, this area will be full of biodiversity to study and also allow for smaller group work spots. 

    Vegetable Gardens: In addition to the variety of edible plants throughout the landscape these garden beds allow classes to perform experiments and grow a variety of plants. 


Outdoor Classroom Project at CCA Middle School

  • outdoor classroom flyer

  • Materials Needed 

    • Gardening Tools
    • Water Hose and Reel
    • Gardening Gloves
    • Wood Mulch
    • Watering Cans
    • Buckets
    • Crushed limestone


    Regan Ball