Waste Reduction Projects

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  • Crayola Recycling

    Crayola Recycling

    Crayola marker recycling or Colorcycle is where Crayola takes old dried markers and turns them into energy, roof shingles, and compounds for asphalt. The markers don’t have to be Crayola markers, they can be any old dried up marker, including dry erase markers. We currently have crayola recycling at Tiffin elementary school and are trying to get it in the rest of the school buildings and public library. To make sure that the markers get recycled we will have a container labeled “marker recycling” in each classroom and a bigger bin where the smaller containers can be dumped out at.

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  • Share Carts

    Share Carts

    (Suspended due to COVID-19)
    Share carts are easily explained through their name: they’re carts that allow students to grab unopened packaged food for lunch. Having these carts prevents unopened, packaged food from being thrown out. They also prevent kids from going hungry. All schools in the Clear Creek Amana School District have these share carts. If one student decides they don’t want an unopened portion of their lunch, they can decide to leave it on the cart for someone else to grab, without the other student needing to pay extra for ala carte or another meal.

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