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    About the Amana Elementary School Library

    The mission of our CCA District Library Program is to foster inviting, inclusive, innovative, collaborative,
    and culturally responsive learning environments 
    which empower learners to explore, connect, evaluate, and create.

    Amana Elementary School is located in Middle Amana, Iowa, and serves the students of the Amana Colonies. The school is a PreK - 5 building and currently serves 141 students. The school has one full-time teacher librarian and classes visit the library each week on a fixed schedule. The teacher librarian collaborates with classroom teachers to integrate technology into the core subjects and visits classrooms on a flexible basis. The library has two Chromebooks for quick access to the online catalog and six iPads. A classroom set of MacBook laptops are located in a separate room that also houses a makerspace, as well as other STEM materials. Amana Elementary hosts two book fairs during the year to promote literacy and give families the opportunity to purchase quality books. Our library is unique in that it houses the Amana Community Library.  The teacher librarian serves as the community library director and manages two part-time community library associates. This library partnership provides multiple benefits to the elementary school library, including a collection that supports, and sometimes surpasses, the readership of the elementary students.

  • Library Circulation Policy:
    PreK & K - 1 book for 2 weeks
    1st & 2nd grades - 2 books for 2 weeks
    3rd grade - 3 books for 2 weeks
    4th grade - 4 books for 2 weeks
    5th grade - 5 books for 2 weeks

    If you do not finish your book in time, please ask to RENEW it.  Books may be returned and checked out any day of the week, even if it is not a student's regularly scheduled library day.  Fines are not assessed for overdue items, but we do ask that replacement fees be paid for books that are lost or damaged.

    CCA District Library Curriculum:
    For information on our district's library curriculum, please visit our CCA Media Literacy Standards and Benchmarks.

    CCA District Library Instructional Materials Selection Policies:
    For information on our district's materials selection policies, please visit our CCA District Library Program Plan.