Communication Guide for Addressing Questions or Concerns

  • The Clear Creek Amana Community School District recognizes that situations may arise where parents and community members have questions or concerns that need to be addressed. We strongly believe that all concerns are best dealt with using open communication and should be discussed by first talking with your child.  This guide outlines the chain of communication for addressing concerns in the most efficient and effective manner.  

    If, after speaking with the involved staff member, and the issue has not been resolved, the individual may bring the concern to their immediate supervisor. The guide below will help determine who should be contacted next when and if further discussion is warranted.  It should be noted if the concern involves the ethical behavior of a staff member or an individual's safety is compromised, the concern can be initially directed to the employee's immediate supervisor.

A Guide of Where To Start When Addressing a Concern

  • On matters Involving Grades, Curriculum, Progress, Class Behavior

  • On Matters Involving Services for Special Education, ELL, and ELP

  • On Matters Involving Performance, Playing Time, & Questions

  • On Matters Involving Customer Service

  • Matters Involving Medical Concerns, Medicine at School, Health and Allergies

  • Matters Involving Problems on the Bus and Bus Route Questions

  • Matters Involving Family Emergencies, Class Schedules, Social/Emotional Support Needs

  • Matters Involving Technology Device Issues

  • Matters Involving Free/Reduced Program, General Nutrition Questions

  • Matters Involving Maintenance Concerns, Facility Damage, Buildings and Grounds Concerns

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