School-Family Liaison

  • What does a School-Family Liaison Do?

    The School-Family Liaison is a school district employee working with all CCA buildings to work with staff, students, and families in order to address mental health needs and to support student success within and outside of their learning environment.

    How does a School-Family Liaison Differ from a School Counselor?

    A School-Family Liaison is a licensed mental health professional trained in prevention and intervention of mental and emotional health services. Interactions can include training district employees on mental health and trauma-informed care, meeting with students and families to address emotional and/or behavioral challenges related to mental health, collaborating with outside agencies based on student and family goals and working with small and large groups of students to ensure proper awareness and maintenance of mental health needs.

    A School Counselor works with students in the areas of academic achievement, career and social/ emotional development, and helping to ensure that students become productive, well-adjusted adults in the future.

    How can my child/ our family begin working with the School-Family Liaison?

    There are two School-Family Liaisons in the district.  In order to ensure that this resource is being best utilized to meet identified needs, the School-Family Liaison associated with your child’s building will make contact once they receive a referral from the School Counselor. After a referral is made, the School-Family Liaison will reach out to identify needs and create a plan of action for your child.

Meet our School-Family Liaison's