2019 State Competition

  • The High School Science Olympiad Team competed in state competition Saturday, March 30 and placed 8th out of 19 teams across the state of Iowa. These students keep getting better. This is their best placement since they started 5 years ago! 
    Some Top Placing events were as follows: 
    1. Herpetology- 2nd Place: Grace Stewart, Lasya Yakkala
    2. Mission Possible- 2nd Place: Jane Kim
    3. Anatomy- 3rd Place: Ally Loren, Anna Fox
    4. Experimental Design- 3rd Place: Evan Aisenbrey, Rori Wagner, Grace Stewart
    5. Sounds of Music- 4th Place: Anna and Madeline Fox
    6. Disease Detectives- 5th Place: Ally Loren
    7. Astronomy- 6th Place: Josh Dayton
    8. Disease Detectives- 6th Place: Ally Loren

About Science Olympiad

  • Science Olympiad is a team competition where students compete in 'events' pertaining to various scientific disciplines. Some events require building/engineering skills for developing model bridges and airplanes. Others who are strong in content areas like anatomy, astronomy, or geology show off their knowledge on lab practical exams. Any science minded students are welcome to be apart of the team!