• CCA Fall Play November 7 - 9th, 2019

    An old fashioned melodrama with a cast of 12. Typical story of good triumphs over evil in a overly melodramatic funny way as good wins in the end.

    Senior's will be recognized Friday, November 8.

    Activity Passes are accepted.

    Fall play

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  • Fall Play

    Every fall the high school has a play. If a student is interested in the fine arts, there is usually a part for them, whether it be directing, designing, painting, or acting.  

    Spring Musical

    A musical is performed every Spring at Clear Creek Amana. There are several areas needed in a musical.  From actors, pit band, stage crew, lights, sound, costumes and promotions, it takes a large team to create a great production.  This is also a great way to meet people!