Clipper Monthly Title

What is the Monthly Clipper?

  • The Monthly Clipper is a student run newspaper club that started out as an extension for a 5th grade writing class and has extended into adding 4th and 2nd grade students to join the newspaper staff as well!  Any interested students can join.  The students can pick what they would like to write about and also who they want to interview.  The first issue of the Monthly Clipper was published November 2019. The newspaper club covers Tiffin Elementary news and events, conducts interviews with students and staff and other fun features. 

2018 - 2019 School Year Publications

TES Newspaper Staff

October Issue

5th Grade Reporters

  • Jackson Allen
    Sydney Pfeiffer
    Hayden Bailey
    Olivia Roling
    Kania Brooks
    Olivia Stevens
    Tanvi Chilla
    Sam Stewart
    Henry Davidson
    Nakia Tangang
    Dominick Dodd
    Amari Thurman
    Charlotte Edmunds
    Gabriel VanDuzee
    Hayden Frost
    Morgan Downes
    Ryan Gile
    Claire Withrow
    Anna Johnson
    Adam Zeman
    Tyler Patrick

4th Grade Reporters

  • Sam Rempt
    Rylee Franck
    Cora Steines
    Brooklyn Merlen

2nd Grade Reporters

  • Matthew Sorensen