• Students Attend Conference to Advocate for CTE

    Posted by webmaster on 11/7/2019

    This Monday - November, 4. Mrs. Overholser brought Whitney Traetow and Haley Tackaberry to the Iowa School Counselors Association Conference (ISCA) to advocate the benefits of taking career and technical education (CTE) classes in high school to all of the school counselors in Iowa as they have a lot of input on students schedules.

    Photo of students at ISCA conference

    Both girls did a great job representing CCA with their respectful leadership and shared how the CTE classes they have taken have given them skills that will prove useful in any career.


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  • ACT News From Mr. Moody

    Posted by Mr. Moody on 10/17/2019

    cca high school act graphic

    CCA High School has shown some tremendous gains and has posted some historical all-time highs for ACT scores.  This is also at a time when we are having record number of attempts taking the ACT by our students. 

    The data by subject area:

    English:  Avg. score 22.3 (state avg. 20.8) This is an all-time high and represents over a 1.0 point improvement from last year.  In addition 80% (state average 67%) of our students scored what ACT considers college ready with a score of 18 or higher on the English portion of the test.

    Math:  Avg. score 22.8 (state avg. 21.0) highest score since 2012.  This is a 1.6 point improvement from last year. 61% of our scores (state avg. 44%) meet the college readiness level of 22.0 or higher on the mathematics test.  This is an 11% gain from last year. Highest score since 2012.  

    Reading:  Avg. score 23.8 (state avg. 22.3).  This is almost a full point gain from last year and an all-time high score posted by our kids!  23.8 ties the all-time high score posted.  

    Science:  Avg. score 23.1 (state avg 21.8)  This is over a 1.0 gain from last year and again represents an all-time high.  23.1 ties the historical high score on the science test.   

    51% (state avg. 44%) tested college biology ready with a score of 23 or higher on the science portion of the ACT.  

    Composite:  Avg. score 23.1 (state avg. 21.6) ANOTHER all-time high. This shows a 1.2 point gain from last year and the first year we have broken the 23 barrier.  This is our all-time high score.  

    College Social Science: 58% of our test takers (state avg. 52%) met the college readiness score of 22 on the reading test.  This score has improved by 10% over the past 2 years.  


    • We have made steady improvement in every testing domain for the last 5 years.  
    • We are above the state average in every testing domain in BOTH average score and percent of students considered college ready by ACT.
    • We set or tied all-time high scores in English, Reading, Science, and Composite.  
    • While math did not tie or break the all-time high score of 23.0, math scores showed the most improvement from a year ago and the greatest gain in college readiness. 
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