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January School Board Recognitions

January board recognitions
Annie Trumpold, Anita Reihmann, school board member Jen Mooney, school board President Kara Prickett, Superintendent Dr. Seymour

Anita Reihmann

Anita goes above and beyond for students and staff each and every day. If there is a student that needs extra instructional help, Anita always finds a way to get them extra time. She comes in early and stays late to provide extra instruction for those that need it. She even instructs in a fun way walking students back to their classroom- not a minute is wasted. Anita is also a tremendous resource for the teachers at Amana Elementary. She digs through data and research and develops procedures that make instruction easier for teachers to deliver. Anita touches those outside of her building as well. She is an instrumental part of our district instructional coach team by discussing and developing instructional practices best for students and modeling them for any adult that needs them.

Amana Church/Food Bank (Recognition Accepted by Annie Trumpold)

The Amana Church is recognized for going above and beyond to help provide essential food and other household needs to the community of Amana and specifically to the families of Amana Elementary.