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Terryl Bandy - Associate at CCAMS

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7th Grade Study Hall

I grew up in (town where you were raised):
Oxford IA

Family (you can also include pets):
Norm Williams (partner) Béa (dog) Piper (cat)

Education: GeoChemisty from FSU, BSc. In Geology from UofI , starting MAT for Science teaching FL ‘21

What makes you #CCAproud?
I am proud of the growth and change I see in my students daily and how they are willing to keep an open mind and learn more both about academics and the world around them!

Who’s someone you really admire?
I admire one of my college mentors Kate Tierney. She has taught me many things about both Geology and the real world. She was one of the first people in my life to show me that just because you have to take a detour on the path to your dreams it does not mean that the path you are on is wrong. We all take different routes to reach our destinations and none of them are wrong, they are just different and that is ok!

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?
Anything Disney! I always did this when I was in college and went out with my friends. They usually found it pretty funny as they would be choosing Country, Pop, or Rap songs and I would go straight to Disney.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
The first concert I went to I think was in my early College years and it was a Panic at the Disco, and Wheezer Concert in Omaha, Nebraska

What’s your favorite quote?
Does the walker choose the path or the path choose the walker? - Sabriel, Garth Nix Old Kingdom Trilogy

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?
This is a very hard question to answer as I have 2 places I would love to live for a year. The first place would be Japan, as I love the culture/folklore/cuisine, the second place would be Ireland where I could have a cooler climate try all the local foods, and learn even more about the Ancient Druid cultures.