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CCAHS Students Score in the 80th Percentile on 2021 ISASP

Starting in 2019 the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) assessment was administered to Iowa students. The assessments are aligned with the Iowa Core standards. The ISASP was not administered statewide in 2020 due to COVID but was most recently administered in spring of 2021. 

At Clear Creek Amana, the High School students scored in the 80th percentile for all three grade levels. Overall, CCAHS scored an average of 8.6% to 12.3% higher than the state average proficiency for English/Language Arts, Math and Science. Not one grade level fell below state proficiency. The 9th graders tested 14% higher in English/Language Arts and 11% higher in Math. By category for the high school, English/Language Arts was 12.3% higher than the state average proficiency, Math was 8.6% higher and Science was 10% higher. Only 10th grade students take the science assessment.

“The spring ISASP results at the high school were nothing short of amazing.  The entire student body and staff should be very proud.  This is a testament that despite the daily challenges of last year, the entire staff set the tone that we can overcome those challenges we were facing and keep the focus on learning.  Given the results, the students stepped up and responded accordingly.  While I know our staff and students will continue to work for improvement, these results are something to truly celebrate.” Mark Moody, CCAHS Principal.

“Our school district community has so much to be proud of when reviewing the academic achievement of our high school students during these unprecedented times,” said Interim superintendent Joseph E. Brown, Sr.  “I want to thank our administrative team, our teachers, our support staff, our students and our parents for keeping the focus on academic excellence.  Clear Creek Amana School District is one of the higher performing school districts in our region.”