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September Board Recognitions

Two CCA Staff were recognized at the September 21, 2022 by the school board of directors and superintendent.
Whitney Eister, CCA Middle School Nurse
On August 25 a student at CCAMS began to choke on a hot dog at lunch. Another student alerted Principal Mr. Fox that a student was sick in the restroom. Mr. Fox went into the restroom and then alerted Mrs. Eister. She took the student to the office. The student lost his airway to breathe so Mrs. Eister performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged some of the obstruction. The student was able to breathe and speak again but as Whitney continued to monitor him, he again lost his airway and Whitney did the Heimlich maneuver again to clear his airway. He then began choking and lost his airway and required the Heimlich for a third time. Whitney ended up successfully doing the Heimlich 3 times (6-8 thrusts each time). She is truly a lifesaver!
Emily Kriegl, CCA High School Science Teacher
This past summer, Emily applied for an Iowa STEM Teacher Externship and after the full-time, six-week summer position, she was recognized by the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory council for successfully completing the 2022 Iowa STEM Teacher Externship at Johnson County Conservation.
The externship aligns STEM educators with knowledgeable and skilled industry employees who help bring the classroom curriculum to life. Iowa STEM Teacher Externships provide educators with the exposure to answer questions about real-world application, prepare students for careers they may have in the future and improve educational experiences.
Photo: Superintendent Dr. Corey Seymour, Emily Kriegl, Whitney Eister, President Kara Prickett, Vice-President Joe Burns.
Board Recognition