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Sponsor a Family This Holiday Season

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CCA Sponsor a Family

It's the annual CCA Sponsor a Family time of the year. Over the years, CCA High School Student Council has successfully helped hundreds of families during the holiday season and the school counselors have also provided for our families needing assistance. How it works: families are identified privately and the information they provide drives the overall goal of the program and needs to be fulfilled. This year we have combined the donation information into one form that covers all grade levels. All our attendance centers are working together and collectively to assist our families. All financial donations collected for Sponsor a Family are spent on the families for this project.

If you are able to sponsor a family this holiday season, please fill out the form no later than Friday, December 2. Online donations are still welcome after December 2.

CCA Sponsor a Family Donation Form

Online Donation (click on the link > select High School > for Item select Sponsor a Family)