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March School Board Recognition

Seth Graesser and Tyler Hibbs school board recognition

School board member Matt McAreavy, Board President Kara Prickett, Seth Graesser, Tyler Hibbs, Superintendent Dr. Seymour

Tyler Hibbs & Seth Graesser submitted by David Graesser, the Middle School Building Engineer
I just wanted to express my gratitude for the awesome teamwork led by Tyler Hibbs and Seth Graesser. They helped in the Wrestling Building-Golf Net Project, with getting tables from the HS and getting chairs to Amana for the Swim Meet.

Tyler and Seth are longtime residents and graduates of CCA, they both have a great deal of pride in the Clear Creek Amana School District. There are many things that take place out of normal view that are required for the district to function, Tyler and Seth are the focal point of making much of this happen. They do this without wanting any recognition or fan fare, just the desire to do their jobs safely, efficiently and professionally.