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FFA Shows at Iowa State Fair

Friday August 18, 2023

The Clear Creek Amana FFA Chapter had a successful State Fair. Students who showed at the Iowa State Fair exhibited their Supervised Agricultural Experience Projects. These projects range from Ag Communications to Production Agriculture.

The following students showed projects in their respective divisions. Taylor Drake and Simon Yoder showed in the photography division and earned red ribbons. Taylor Drake, Ava Locklear and Kelsey Leathers showed Clear Creek Amana Farm Crops in the Production Crop Division. Students showed both corn and soybeans that have been raised on the Clear Creek Amana Farm. They earned 2nd place for their soybeans. In the area of Horticulture Jackson Arndt, Ava Locklear and Shelby Heisler showed garden vegetables grown at the Clear Creek Amana Outdoor Classroom located on the north side of the middle school. This Outdoor Classroom serves as an outdoor learning environment during the school year and a school garden during the summer for FFA members to work in and grow the produce they exhibit at both the county and State Fair. Jackson Arndt had a successful fair with 1st place dill and 2nd and 3rd place pear tomatoes. Ava Locklear's pumpkin earned third in her class. The Clear Creek Amana FFA chapter earned an overall rating of eight out of 25 Chapters.

Seven Clear Creek Amana FFA members showed in the floriculture division. Students who showed in the floriculture division grew their flowers at the Clear Creek Amana Outdoor Classroom as well as their home during the summer months. Students who showed flowers were Avery Evans, Katie Evans, Ava Locklear, Kelsey Leathers, Shelby Heisler, Lexi Moran and Jackson Arndt. Some highlights of the flower show was Ava Locklear winning Reserve Champion in the Pink Petunia Division. Ava also won the perennial division. Katie and Lexi earned 1st and 2nd place in the rose division. Overall the Clear Creek Amana FFA Chapter earned 5th place in the floriculture show.

Back in the barns Creed Harker and Audrey Bulechek were preparing their livestock for the great Iowa State Fair. Creed Harker showed his purebred Suffolk rams and earned high marks in very competitive classes. Creed earned 4th and 8th place with his spring born rams. Audrey showed in the Meat Goat show. She had two doe goats. One shown in the market division and the other one in the breeding division. She earned 3rd in the market class and 9th in the breeding class.

The Clear Creek Amana FFA students work tirelessly to present the best possible project at the Iowa State Fair. Special congratulations to all of the students who exhibited and represented Clear Creek Amana at the Iowa State Fair.

Respectfully submitted by FFA Secretary Kelsey Leathers

2nd soybeans champs Ram showing