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Middle School Unveils Herky

The secret is over...At 10AM on May 1, all 100 Herky On Parade statues could be unveiled and finally displayed. For the 2024 Herky On Parade, Nicole Beckley, the Middle School Art Teacher and Art Club Sponsor, agreed to take on the project with her students. She worked with the MS Art Club to come up with a theme and design for the Herky. The students chose "Read, Grow, Thrive" as their theme. "It represents our love of the library and its impact in student growth."
Together, many hands worked on painting the Herky. Special design recognition goes to 7th grader Natalie Schieltz and to Ainsley Ziezer for her countless hours of creative painting.
When you visit the “Read, Grow, Thrive” Herky, check out all the hidden details in the art, you might see student initials and more.
Congratulations to Nicole Beckley, CCA Middle School Art Club, and all the students who helped complete this amazing public art project!! Thank you Herky on Parade for giving us the opportunity to participate.
For more information about Herky on Parade visit: