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School Board Recognition Month

May is School Board Recognition Month.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in supporting our students, teachers, and the entire school community. Your commitment to providing quality education and fostering a positive learning environment does not go unnoticed and is deeply appreciated.
Thank you for the countless hours you spend attending meetings, reviewing policies, and making decisions that shape the future of our schools. Your leadership and vision have a profound impact on the lives of our children and the community at large.
Please know that your hard work and dedication are truly valued. We are fortunate to have such a devoted and compassionate group of individuals guiding our schools.
Pictured with thank you cards made from students are: Abdouramane Bila, Shaun Kukuzke, Kara Prickett, Allison Momany, Gabe Schaapveld. Not pictured are Jennifer Downes and Jen Bollers.