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CCA Initiates School/Family Liaisons

The Clear Creek Amana Community School District is addressing mental health in a positive and pro-active way to serve students and families across the district. Many school districts are looking to add similar positions.

CCA hired two new staff members to lead our district with these initiatives. Lindsay Miles and Chandran Lapel have experience in mental health, counseling and social work. Lindsay will serve the Middle School and High School and Chandran will serve Tiffin Elementary and North Bend Elementary, based on population and needs. Counselors at Amana Elementary and Clear Creek Elementary serve less students but are still servicing the students in these two buildings in very similar capacities. The elemementary counselors meet with Chandran weekly as a PLC and the High School/Middle School counselors and at risk teachers meet with Lindsay. They will meet as a full group once a month to design training for staff. 

The liaisons will be able to provide resources to families and support the connection of community resources therefore providing overall continuous help for the student. No matter what diverse needs, the students and families will have more support and connection to resources.

With Chandran and Lindsay on staff, all CCA Staff are getting more information and professional development on how to look for indicators when students are struggling and how to initiate conversations with students as the first contact. It’s a change from being re-active to pro-active.

It is important students feel safe and supported in our CCA environment and that we are doing everything we can to provide that safety and support.