Technology Help, Fees and Repairs

  • Students and Parents

    Students and parents are asked to submit an email or call the Tech Dept Help Desk. The Help Desk is monitored throughout normal business hours, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. Please provide as many details as possible, as well as anything that you have already tried towards solving the issue. 

    Help Desk for Parents and Students: or 319-545-4496

    Tech Tickets for Staff

    The Technology Department utilizes "Tech Tickets" to ensure that a simple process is available to staff who are having a technology-related issue or difficulties with their CCA device. Tech Tickets are the best way to ensure that problems are addressed in a timely manner. The nearest Tech Dept member immediately receives notification that assistance is needed. The staff submitting the Tech Ticket will receive a response that will include how their issue was resolved and/or instructions for scheduling a repair session, as applicable.  

    Click on the link to start a new Tech Ticket: CCA Tech Help Website 

Changes to Tech Fees and Repairs

  • Students are responsible for the use and care of their school-issued device (i.e. Chromebook, iPad or other device) and its accessories. In the past, when a student device was damaged, students were fined for all repairs that were needed. Fines were determined by the replacement cost of the specific part needed for the repair.  

    Effective July 1, 2020, new procedures went into effect for covering the cost of repairing student devices. An increase was made to all student textbook/instructional license fees. This increase was intended to cover the cost of technology expenses, including the repair of student devices. 

    Students may still receive a fine, however, for one of the following situations:

    • If a student fails to return his/her assigned device and/or accessories at the time they leave or graduate from CCA, that student and parents/guardians may be fined a dollar amount up to the replacement cost of the device and/or accessories. 
    • If damages to a student’s assigned device are determined by CCA Administration to be intentional, the result of gross negligence, or lost or stolen, that student and parents/guardians may be fined a dollar amount up to the replacement cost of the device. 

    Parents and students are encouraged to review the CCA Internet Appropriate Use Policy and the grade-specific Student Computer Use Agreement, which are linked below:

    CCA Internet Use Policy 605.06 link
    2021 Student Computer Use Agreement