Welcome to Tiffin Elementary!

  • Welcome

    The Tiffin Elementary School staff welcomes you and your children to Tiffin Elementary School. We are pleased that your children are members of our student body and look forward to their participation in the educational program. We're a K-3 fast growing building with about 

    If you wish to visit your child’s classroom, a call to the teacher will help you find a time that will be productive for you. Teachers are glad to have parents visit and the children are proud to have their parents come to where they learn. Any adult wishing to volunteer in the classroom or attend field trips will need to complete the Volunteer Training complete with background check. Contact Catherine Westfall to learn how you can volunteer at 319-828-4510 or catherinewestfall@ccaschools.org.

    If you have any questions or comments about the Tiffin Elementary, please address them to Stacy Stull, Tiffin Elementary principal at 545-2081.

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