Welcome to Tiffin Elementary!

  • Welcome to Tiffin Elementary.  

    I am Stacy Stull, principal. We're a fast growing PK-3 building with almost 400 students and we’re excited to have you join our Tiffin Elementary family. At Tiffin Elementary, we take pride in being the best we can be, we SAIL together.  We follow the PBIS “SAIL” expectations of Safe, Appropriate, and Involved-Learner. At Tiffin Elementary we also “Bring Learning to Life”  through a collaborative learning culture and student opportunities. Our teachers use the Professional Learning Communities model (PLC) to assess, look at data,  intervene, and plan. Our students have many opportunities to be successful  learners with an array of resources including an instructional coach, interventionists, school counselor, school-family liaison and many qualified, dedicated educators.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about Tiffin Elementary, I can easily be reached by email at stacystull@ccaschools.org.  

    Stacy Stull

    Principal, Tiffin Elementary