PowerSchool FAQ

  • What is PowerSchool?

    PowerSchool is the Clear Creek Amana School District's web-based Student Information System (SIS). The District creates parent accounts, enabling parents to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Most generally, there is one parent account per family, but additional accounts can be set up per request.

    How do parents access PowerSchool?

    The PowerSchool Parent Portal can be accessed through any of the following:

    There is a PowerSchool app, however, it contains limited information only. The District recommends that parents access the PowerSchool Parent Portal through one of the above listed methods. 

    What can I see in the PowerSchool parent portal?

    • Attendance and semester and year-end grades will be displayed on the home page of the portal.
    • To switch between students, click on their name in the blue menu bar at the top.
    • To access other information, select an item from the menu under "Navigation".
    • "Purchases and Payments" will take you directly to our payment system, InTouch. You do not have to have a separate login account. This is where you will pay student textbook/instructional license fees. 
    • "Other Information" will show you bus stop information for your student(s), if applicable. For safety and security, this information is only posted within your parent portal. “Other Information” may show additional information as well, such as student locker information and Iowa Assessment codes. 
    • You can submit changes to your contact information for you and the emergency contacts listed for your students. Select “Update Contacts” to make changes to your phone, email, etc. You can also add a new contact or delete someone who is no longer an emergency contact for your child. 
    • You can also select “Sort Contacts” if you wish to edit the order that contacts should be called in case of an emergency. All changes will be submitted for review and approval before they will show in PowerSchool. 

    If you have any questions or need assistance logging in, please contact Michelle Skubal at michelleskubal@ccaschools.org or calling 319-828-4510.

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