• Graduates need a total of 56 credits. One credit is awarded each semester per successful completion of each course.

    Clear Creek Amana High School’s Specific Graduation Requirements:

    • Language Arts                 8 credits
    • Social Studies                  6 credits
    • Personal Finance             1 credit  
    • Math                                 6 credits
    • Science                            6 credits
    • Health                              2 credits
    • Fine Arts                          1 credit 
    • Physical Education          4 credits (Students must take a minimum 1 semester  each year)

    Language Arts (8 credits) including:

    • English 9, year (2 credits)
    • English 10 or 10+, year (2 credits)
    • Juniors/Seniors Year courses (2 credits): AP Language and Composition, AP English Literature, Composition or Comp 1 and Comp II (offered through Kirkwood Community College Arts and Sciences Academy)
    • Semester courses (1 credit): Selections in American Literature,  Crime in Literature and Nonfiction, Literature of Identity and Community, Logic and Argumentation   

    Social Studies (6 credits) including:

    • Survey of Social Studies, year (2 credits)
    • American History, year (2 credits) or AP American History (2 credits)
    • American Government, semester (1 credit) or AP American Government (2 credits)
    • One additional Social Studies elective (1 semester)
    • We strongly encourage more than the required 6 credits.

    Science (6 credits)

    • Earth Science, year (2 credits)
    • Biology, year (2 credits)
    • College bound "required" electives (4 yrs): Both Chemistry and Physics.
    • Non-College bound "required" elective (3 yrs): Physical Science.
    • We strongly encourage more than the required 6 credits.

    Mathematics (6 credits)

    • We strongly encourage more than the required 6 credits.

    Fine Arts, (1 credit)
    Health, year (2 credits)
    Personal Finance  (1 credit)
    Physical Education,  4 credits - 1 credit per year. 

    Schedule Change Policy

    Our scheduling software (Powerschool) completes all student schedules based on classes that students have requested. As Counselors/Administrators, we do have the ability to adjust those schedules on a limited basis.  We have two equal responsibilities when it comes to making schedule adjustments:

    1. To place students into the classes that they requested (as much as possible) and
    2. To ensure safe and equitable class sizes (as much as possible). Students do have the ability to request changes to a schedule based upon sections that have open seats.
    3. A request is not a guarantee of enrollment. 

    Changes should only be requested if a student needs a different course. We do not change schedules for personal preference of block or teacher.  Any changes that are made will be reflected within PowerSchool. High school students do have the ability to change courses without parental permission. However, it is strongly encouraged by the school counseling office that all schedule changes are discussed with parents prior to a change being made.  

    Seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes. (That might include classes at CCAHS and PSEO or KCC Academy classes.)
    9th and 10th grade students must be enrolled in 8 classes.