ACT News From Mr. Moody

Posted by Mr. Moody on 10/17/2019

cca high school act graphic

CCA High School has shown some tremendous gains and has posted some historical all-time highs for ACT scores.  This is also at a time when we are having record number of attempts taking the ACT by our students. 

The data by subject area:

English:  Avg. score 22.3 (state avg. 20.8) This is an all-time high and represents over a 1.0 point improvement from last year.  In addition 80% (state average 67%) of our students scored what ACT considers college ready with a score of 18 or higher on the English portion of the test.

Math:  Avg. score 22.8 (state avg. 21.0) highest score since 2012.  This is a 1.6 point improvement from last year. 61% of our scores (state avg. 44%) meet the college readiness level of 22.0 or higher on the mathematics test.  This is an 11% gain from last year. Highest score since 2012.  

Reading:  Avg. score 23.8 (state avg. 22.3).  This is almost a full point gain from last year and an all-time high score posted by our kids!  23.8 ties the all-time high score posted.  

Science:  Avg. score 23.1 (state avg 21.8)  This is over a 1.0 gain from last year and again represents an all-time high.  23.1 ties the historical high score on the science test.   

51% (state avg. 44%) tested college biology ready with a score of 23 or higher on the science portion of the ACT.  

Composite:  Avg. score 23.1 (state avg. 21.6) ANOTHER all-time high. This shows a 1.2 point gain from last year and the first year we have broken the 23 barrier.  This is our all-time high score.  

College Social Science: 58% of our test takers (state avg. 52%) met the college readiness score of 22 on the reading test.  This score has improved by 10% over the past 2 years.  


  • We have made steady improvement in every testing domain for the last 5 years.  
  • We are above the state average in every testing domain in BOTH average score and percent of students considered college ready by ACT.
  • We set or tied all-time high scores in English, Reading, Science, and Composite.  
  • While math did not tie or break the all-time high score of 23.0, math scores showed the most improvement from a year ago and the greatest gain in college readiness.