Admission, Tickets & Stadium Rules

  • Activity Pass Options and Fees:

    Activity passes are good for entry to all CCA athletics and activities for the 2022-2023 school year except for postseason events. 

    • Students (K-5)           $35.00
    • Students (6-12)         $50.00
    • Adult Yearly Pass      $95.00
    • Family Yearly Pass  $255.00
    • Senior Citizen         Free, must be a resident who is 65 years or older of the district (contact 319-828-4510)

    Bound QR code

    New this year - families can purchase activity passes on Bound. Bound and CCA have partnered to provide digital activity passes through the Bound mobile app. Families can download the Bound app through the Google Play or App store. Once registered, you can purchase the pass under "Tickets" in the app or from the Bound website. The digital pass is stored under "Tickets" and it will need to be displayed at entry for CCA activities (excluding postseason athletics). Contact Tami Brenneman at 319-828-4510 or for any questions.

    Individual Game Tickets

    There will be a price increase for individual ticket sales at events in the WaMaC Conference. The WaMaC Conference set new admission prices for the 2022-2023 school year as follows:

    HS Varsity (or combo Varsity)

    • Adults - $6.00
    • Students - $6.00

    HS Lower Level (single game)

    • Adults - $5.00
    • Students - $5.00

    Middle School

    • Adults - $5.00
    • Students - $2.00

    (Credit cards will be accepted at the gate but NO checks are allowed)

    Post-Season Only

    Activity Passes do not work for WaMaC hosted events and post-season events per WaMaC Conference Rules. 

    Purchase your tickets or passes online

Fan Expectations at Home Football Games

  • Home Bleacher Seating for Students and Community

    The 9-12th grade student section will be on the south side of the 30 yard line. The K-8 students will sit with their family/guardians in the family/community section of the bleachers. Bleachers for the Marching Band are in the south end zone area. 


    We want stadium activities to be pleasant for all fans, so we ask that everyone sit on the bleachers during competitions at the stadium. Stadium rules are as follows:

    • Elementary and middle school children must sit with accompanied adults.
    • No loitering behind the bleachers will be permitted.
    • No Pets Allowed
    • No Outside Food or Drink/Drink Containers allowed
    • No backpacks will be allowed in the stadium.
    • No Signs allowed
    • No artificial noisemakers
    • Please refrain from throwing any substances in the air as this is a safety issue and also adds to the already involved stadium cleanup.
    • Young children, including elementary, middle school and high school students will be directed to sit in the bleachers. They will not be allowed to rough house behind the bleachers
    • CCA fans and patrons should remain on the home side for the entirety of the game.
    • Middle school students will not be admitted into the game unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian. 
    • There will not be a middle school student section in the bleachers and middle school students are NOT allowed to sit in the high school student section. 
    • Middle school students are required to sit in the stands with their parent/guardian. 

    CCA reserves the right to deny entry or ask someone to leave for not adhering to the CCA rules or board policy 903.4. This includes unruly and disruptive fans.
    We appreciate your help with the implementation of these expectations and rules to ensure student safety while giving our fans the opportunity to completely enjoy the game. Thank you for your help in displaying Clipper hospitality and good sportsmanship!