Clear Creek Amana TM Activity/Mascot Logos and District Business Logo Information

  • Our Branding Matters

    In 2018 The CCA Community School District developed a strong brand and visual identity both internally and externally. It consists of a common visual system with independent trademarked logos representing the district and activities.

    It is important that these logos be used not only consistently, but correctly. The information contained within this section will assist community members and vendors with information regarding policy, licensing for merchandising, correct usage, and obtaining high-quality art files.

    The Clipper ship mascot embodies the spirit of the district as clipper ships are sharp-lined and built for speed; meant to lead the way for others. The Clipper logo represents the intensity, pride and tradition of a Clear Creek Amana Clipper.

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    CCA Activity Logo and Branding Style Guide PDF_Revised 10-18-23

    Any club, vendor or community group interested in using the logos for commercial or non-commercial use will need to review the process according to the agreement that applies and get school board approval:

    District Business Logo Use

    For information on the District Business logos, please contact Laurie Haman, or (319) 828-4510.

    District business logo

Clippers logo