• Plans for the 2023-2024 School Year

    As the district faces the fastest growth in its history, we are challenged to make proactive decisions. With limited bond capacity and being fiscally responsible, we intend to maximize the current space in the district. It is imperative that we continue to be guided by our core values by providing students with equitable opportunities, embracing a collaborative learning culture and managing growth. Instead of reacting impulsively, we will adjust and prepare for the enrollment challenges that are destined. Although the uniqueness of our district highlights the traditions of cities within our boundaries, we are one family.          

    We are a school district, not a district of schools. We will not isolate resources based on geographical location, but create opportunities that allow students to have similar opportunities and access.  We are an engrafted family that can and will be stronger together. Our district's makeup will look differently, but we will not be closing any schools. As a matter of fact, we are currently working on a ten-year plan that will rejuvenate some communities while making the necessary expansions for others.

    Mission, Vision, Core Values:

    Clear Creek Amana Mission Statement

    The mission of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is to prepare students to be productive, responsible, community members by providing an environment that brings learning to life.

    Clear Creek Amana Vision and Core Values

    Vision: As Clear Creek Amana Community School District moves into the future, we will foster a family atmosphere, while immersing students in a diverse academic experience, for their tomorrow.

    The philosophy of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District is founded on three core values:

    1. Student Opportunities- We believe all students can achieve academic success when provided with the appropriate structures and support. We feel all children in this country deserve access to a high-quality, free, public education.
    2. Collaborative Learning Culture- We believe collaborative and qualitative teachers drive exceptional results. We must invest in exceptional teachers to achieve exceptional results. We must recruit, support, and retain the nation’s highest quality teachers and staff.  Core to our mission, curriculum and school culture are the foundation from which our students will excel. We firmly believe that this investment is critical to the success of our students.
    3. Managing Growth- As the district continues to grow, we will advocate for reasonable class sizes. We will focus on building and maintaining our buildings and grounds to create an inviting learning environment. We will welcome the community to our district to share their expertise and knowledge in order to collaboratively improve our local community.

    Decision Making Responsibility:

    When developing a district plan, it is a team effort. The board governs by establishing a vision and adopting policies to support the vision. After this is done, the superintendent develops a plan, implements a plan through actions and monitors the progress of the plan. The board then evaluates the plan to see if it is making the difference we desire. The board determines what we want to do while the superintendent and district personnel determine how it is done. This provides shared decision making, diversity of opinion, enhanced communication, and maintains order and consistency.  It also provides an accountability system. The community’s voice is heard through board members, at board meetings and at community meetings. We also brought in several outside entities to provide information. One is RSP & Associates. They are demographers that provide enrollment projections throughout the district. Another company is Piper Sandler & Co. They have provided information regarding our bond capacity.        

    Even with this, there is an additional process. Here are a few things we have done, as a district. Staying connected visits with schools, three minute meetings with any and every staff member that desires a meeting, community meetings, weekly executive team meetings, weekly principal meetings and one on one meetings with school board members beyond our monthly work sessions and board meetings. We will have additional community meetings in the spring.

    Two-Tier Bell Schedule for 2023-2024 School Year

    The school board passed the two-tier bell schedule on May 18, 2022 effective starting the 2023-2024 school year.  The two-tier bell schedule will align all of the elementary buildings on a 7:50 AM, with an exception for Oak Hill Elementary which will have a 7:55 AM school start time.  The District recognized the need to change the start and end times for the elementary school day due to the increases in student enrollment, transportation routes, transportation expenses, and challenges with bus driver shortages and equipment. The adjustments were proposed as a result of the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) meetings, district transportation input, and school board review.

    In addition to the new bell schedule, the 2023-2024 District Academic Calendar (school board approved December 21, 2022) has an additional 10 minutes of instructional minutes added to the school day. This will create 45 extra hours that we can utilize towards snow make-up time.  These extra minutes are reflected in the bell times for each attendance center as listed below.

    Transportation Schedules

    District bus stops and pick-up times are reviewed and determined before the beginning of the school year.  The information gathered after registration is used to determine routes and scheduled drop-off and pick-up times. 

Plans by Attendance Center (click on the building name for details)

  • Amana Elementary

  • Clear Creek Elementary

  • North Bend Elementary

  • Oak Hill Elementary

  • Tiffin Elementary

  • Middle School

  • High School

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