Student Safety

    • Our school district and each school building have school safety and emergency response plans in place. These plans continue to evolve and change according to state law and are developed and reviewed by Johnson County, North Liberty and Iowa County community agencies such as law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS. 
    • All buildings work with local law enforcement on annual intruder training (ALICE training). There are many variables in this training and no single response fits all intruder situations situations however, making sure each individual knows his or her options for response and can react decisively will save valuable time.
    • Emergency plans, procedures, and warning signs are reviewed with school staff periodically.
    • Information is shared with students keeping in mind sensitivity, maturity and level of understanding of the students. We will continue with our strategies to help students feel connected to school, to their teachers and to each other. 
    • Buildings have limited entry points and required emergency response drills with students.
    • In the event of an intruder or student safety emergency, initial notifications would be sent out via SMS and email and ongoing information would be formulated and communicated. The safety of our students is our highest priority. We also understand how important it is to get information that we are able to share our as soon as possible.

    The Clear Creek Amana Community School District uses Blackboard Communications to contact parents about information regarding school closings and delays. Calls, texts and emails will go out as soon as any decision is made by administration concerning the school day.  Please listen to the entire message as it contains pertinent information. The district website and district mobile app will also list any changes to the school day.

    Is the Crisis Response Manual available to the public?

    For security purposes, the Crisis Response Manual is not made available to the public, nor are building maps made publicly available. If a parent or student should have a question regarding an emergency situation procedure, they are encouraged to contact Mr. Brown, Interim Superintendent, at 319-828-4510 or