Fundraising Requests

  • CCA is fortunate to have many generous parents and community members who often want to purchase or fundraise for teachers, classrooms, buildings or specific programs. It is important to make sure proper steps have been taken before any purchase or fundraising begins. A teacher or coach should always make equipment or supplies requests directly with the building principal or supervisor first. If the request is approved and the district has the funds available, the district will make the purchase.

    Fundraising Administrative Guidelines

    The Clear Creek Amana Community School District supports numerous fundraising endeavors.  The Iowa State Auditor has determined that if fundraising activities “‘occur on school grounds”’ or “are done in the name of the school or to benefit school programs” the fundraising activity must have district approval.  

    For the purpose of this guideline, the term ‘fundraising’ includes any request of financial or in-kind assistance made by an individual or group to an individual, group, or business on behalf of the district or a district school or program. This includes a proposal to submit a grant.

    Out of state travel must be approved by the Board.  If the purpose of fundraising efforts include out of state travel, Board approval must precede Superintendent approval of the fundraising event.   

    Iowa law requires when fundraising as a group, funds are not to be earned and credited on an individual basis; only on a group basis. When determining individual contributions, the total $$ raised divided by the total # of participants is credited to all individuals.  Any amount due is shared by all participants on an equal basis.

    A relevant need must be identified and a fundraising goal established before fundraising activities may begin.  Proceeds from fundraising activities may be spent only for the purpose for which the activity was approved.

    Fundraising activities are permissible as long as they do not detract from the instructional program of the school. Participation on the part of students, parents, and staff shall be entirely voluntary, with neither quotas or pressure imposed upon participants, nor punitive consequences of any kind for non-participation.

    The Superintendent approves all fundraising proposals prior to implementation and provides feedback on items such as the size and scope, timing and campaign donor solicitation. Applications to conduct a fundraising campaign are available from the building principal’s or administration office and submitted per the guidelines contained therein.

    Fundraising activities involving games of chance (i.e. raffles, bingo, Vegas-style games) are subject to state gambling laws. These laws include specific state reporting and public posting requirement, including posting the Gambling License.

    Each school should be sensitive to the overall impact of financial requests they make of families in conducting school-approved fundraising activities.

    Products not sold during the fundraising efforts, remain property of the District.  

    Staff members who conduct student fundraising activities without prior approval from the Superintendent or designee may be subject to disciplinary action.

    All receipts will be deposited into and all expenditures paid through the CCA Activity Fund.  All documentation for receipts and expenses should be submitted to the principal’s office/building secretary for processing.

    Nutrition Education:

    Nutrition education is available in the district’s wellness policy, 507.9. This information is also available on the Iowa Department of Education website or you may contact the District’s Health Services Supervisor or Food & Nutrition Director. The School District does encourage activities that promote physical activity.

    FUNDRAISING Policy 504.05

    Students may raise funds for school-sponsored events with the permission of the Superintendent/designee.  Fundraising by students for events other than school-sponsored events is not allowed.  Collection boxes for school fundraising must have prior approval from the Superintendent /designee before being placed on school property.

    Per updated Distribution of Materials Policy and Regulations, community and district flyers cannot be sent home with families. Approved fundraisers can submit information to the CCA Backpack to promote the fundraiser.