• Board Recognitions

    New for the 2022-23 school year, the Clear Creek Amana Community School District and Board of Education are recognizing the outstanding work of its students and staff. Each month, school and district leaders have the ability to recognize students who have excelled in arts, academics, athletics/extracurriculars and community service. 

    The district also recognizes staff members.  Board members and district leaders recognize and appreciate that the Clear Creek Amana School District is full of talented and dedicated employees who play an important role in the safety, security and success of our students. The goal is to identify and recognize employees who, in their contributions and service to the District, demonstrate high-quality job performance above normal expectations. 
    Do you have someone you would like to nominate for a school board recognition? If so, fill out this form for consideration: https://forms.gle/7zdTY6m3xkVsGXvV6

March 8, 2023 School Board Recognition

  • Tyler Hibbs and Seth Graesser school board recognition

    School board member Matt McAreavy, Board President Kara Prickett, Seth Graesser, Tyler Hibbs, Superintendent Dr. Seymour

    Tyler Hibbs & Seth Graesser submitted by David Graesser, the Middle School Building Engineer
    I just wanted to express my gratitude for the awesome teamwork led by Tyler Hibbs and Seth Graesser. They helped in the Wrestling Building-Golf Net Project, with getting tables from the HS and getting chairs to Amana for the Swim Meet.

    Tyler and Seth are longtime residents and graduates of CCA, they both have a great deal of pride in the Clear Creek Amana School District. There are many things that take place out of normal view that are required for the district to function, Tyler and Seth are the focal point of making much of this happen. They do this without wanting any recognition or fan fare, just the desire to do their jobs safely, efficiently and professionally. 

  • Melissa Fuller Board recognition

    School board member Matt McAreavy, Board President Kara Prickett, Melissa Fuller, Superintendent Dr. Seymour

    Melissa Fuller is North Bend Elementary’s Music Teacher... and last-minute interpreter! To say she is an amazing and fun and energetic music educator is an understatement, but in addition to that, she has stepped in to help our non-English speaking students and parents. From Day 1, she has graciously shared her gift of dual languages to help us through some otherwise difficult situations. She has greeted parents, helped when a student is sick, taken a phone call, and helped us navigate Google Translate. She has helped our new students & families feel even more welcome and helped our NBE staff communicate better! We are so thankful for her sharing her gift! 

  • Miranda Kral School board recognition

    School board member Matt McAreavy, Board President Kara Prickett, Miranda Kral, Superintendent Dr. Seymour

    Miranda Kral is the former Teacher Librarian at North Bend Elementary and is currently the Teacher Librarian at Clear Creek Elementary.
    North Bend Elementary, unfortunately, started the school year without a Teacher Librarian but even with nobody currently in this position the school is making all things happen because of the work Miranda had done getting their Library set up for the school year: she made sure each student had a card, made sure the system was set up correctly, made sure there were easy step-by-step instructions to follow for those having to keep it moving forward! She has been open to several emails and phone calls to help the NBE staff when needed.

    Miranda has stopped by North Bend Elementary to help with whatever they need... and she has done it with a smile! NBE is so APPRECIATIVE of her generous heart!

  • Speech Board Recognition


    Three Speech groups were nominated for All-State Performing. The groups were Musical Theatre, Choral Reading and Ensemble Acting. Seven of the students qualified in two events.
    In addition to the student recognition, Tracy Williams wrote the choral reading piece entitled “Robin”.
    At the IHSS All-State Large Speech Festival, The CCA Musical Theatre Group was selected as “Outstanding All-Stater”. This was a first in CCA History.
    Musical Theatre (Come From Away): Audrey Bell, Andrew Cartier, James Cavanary, Sydney Emmel, Lily Schloss, Brock Sherman, Natalie Stewart and Charlotte Watson.
    Coaches Tracy Williams and Chrissy Berlin

    Ella Chatham (ensemble acting
    Natalie Stewart
    Audrey Bell
    Charlotte Watson
    Brock Sherman

  • Volleyball March recognition

    The CCA Volleyball Girls returned to the State Tournament for the first time since 2014 and were the 4A State Runner-up for first time in program history.

    Head Coach Jackie Clubb and Assistant Coach Rachel Berkland
    Silvana Kabolo
    Bliss Beck
    Meg Berkland
    Sam Schrage
    Kenadi Wood

  • Cross Country March board recognition

    Girls and Boys Cross Country
    The CCA Girls placed 2nd and the Boys placed 3rd at the 3A Regional Meet. This qualified both teams for the Cross Country State Championships. This was the first time in school history both teams qualified in the same year. At the State Meet, the Girls placed 9th and the Boys placed 14th. Haidyn Barker received All-State honors by placing 13th as an individual.

    Head Coach Ben Robison, Assistant Coaches Megan Miller and Paige O'Brien.

    Girls Qualifiers:
    Haidyn Barker
    Kira Barker
    Sara Kinzenbaw
    Eva Leighton-Dick
    Kiera Rogers
    Harper Tecklenberg
    Raegan Wyant

    Boys Qualifiers:
    Jamie Hayes
    Brock Hilsman
    Logan Kafer
    Cameron Kimm
    Isaac Sorensen
    Peyton Stadler
    Thomas Stiltner

February 13, 2023 School Board Recognition

  • Suz Schloss and Emmanline Hines board recognition

    Board member Shawn Kukukze, Board member Jennifer Downes, Suzanne Schloss, Emmaline Hines, Superintendent Dr. Seymour

    Emmaline Hines, 3rd Grade Student at Amana Elementary

    Congratulations Emmaline Hines, 3rd grade student at Amana Elementary. Emmaline was chosen as the winner of the University of Iowa Flash Writing Contest for Grades 3 and 4.  The judges read submissions from 25 other states, Washington DC and as far away as India!!  Emmaline's writing and more about the contest is on the Write Now website! 

    Suzanne Schloss, Building Secretary at North Bend Elementary

    Suz is being recognized for always being upbeat and having a smile and a can do attitude.  There is nothing Suz won't take on and figure out how to make it work or make it better.  Her laugh is contagious.  She is there for every single member of the North Bend family. Suz goes above and beyond every single day!

January 18, 2023 School Board Recognition

  • january board recognition photo
    Annie Trumpold, Anita Reihmann, School Board member Jen Mooney, School Board President Kara Prickett, Superintendent Dr. Seymour

    Anita Reihmann, Instructional Coach
    Anita goes above and beyond for students and staff each and every day. If there is a student that needs extra instructional help, Anita always finds a way to get them extra time. She comes in early and stays late to provide extra instruction for those that need it. She even instructs in a fun way walking students back to their classroom- not a minute is wasted. Anita is also a tremendous resource for the teachers at Amana Elementary. She digs through data and research and develops procedures that make instruction easier for teachers to deliver. Anita touches those outside of her building as well. She is an instrumental part of our district instructional coach team by discussing and developing instructional practices best for students and modeling them for any adult that needs them.

    Amana Church/Food Bank (Recognition Accepted by volunteer Annie Trumpold)
    The Amana Church is recognized for going above and beyond to help provide essential food and other household needs to the community of Amana and specifically to the families of Amana Elementary.

November 14, 2022 School Board Recognition

  • school board recognition
    School board member Matt McAreavy, Tessa Strabala, school board member Eileen Schmidt, Superintendent Dr. Seymour. Missing was Emily Frauenholz.
    Tessa Strabala, Level 3 Teacher at Tiffin Elementary

    Tessa has always had an incredibly compassionate heart and has a true passion for inclusion and Peer Mediated Interventions. She has worked so hard to get Peer to Peer up and running at a school level, and the amount of coaching and support she is providing to make Tiffin Elementary a true Peer to Peer school is phenomenal.  She is always willing to offer suggestions and strategies to help any student or staff member in the school, and she does it all with a genuine smile!  She is an amazing asset to the students, staff, and district! 

    Emily Frauenholz, School Counselor at Clear Creek Elementary
    Emily has gone above and beyond to support all students at Clear Creek Elementary! She is always offering a helping hand and puts student needs first. Emily started as school counselor at Clear Creek Elementary this August and in her short amount of time, Emily has built strong relationships with students, staff and families.

October 19, 2022 School Board Recognition

  • Board recognition photo Matthew Wu photo
    Katie Rowe, Board Member Shaun Kukuzke, Board Member Jennifer Downes, William Aydelotte, Superintendent D. Seymour, Matthew Wu.

    William Aydelotte, a Freshman at CCA
    William was recognized for going out of his way to make CCA a better place!!  Each day, William walks from the High School to the Middle School after school. From the first day and each day after that, William has picked up garbage all the way from the high school to the middle school.  He then throws away, some days arm fulls, of garbage at the middle school. Principal Fox said, “He's definitely doing his part to make our schools look better!”

    Katie Rowe, Teacher Interventionist at Tiffin Elementary
    While helping to run the Tiffin Elementary car line at the end of the day, Katie noticed an elderly gentleman in their parking lot who was acting suspicious.  Katie approached the man and found out that he was disoriented and did not know where he was or where he was going. He became very upset but Katie stayed with the man, calmed him, and called for help.  She convinced the man to stay in the parking lot and not get back on the road again as he was driving a very large truck/trailer. The man was going through a diabetic emergency.  Kathy Campbell, Director of Health Services for the district, also came out to help with the situation.  She provided medical help until the ambulance could arrive.   Had this man continued to drive out of the Tiffin Elementary parking lot and get on the road, there is no doubt that it would have ended in tragedy.  

    Matthew Wu, a Senior at CCA
    Matthew recently earned the status of National Merit Semifinalist. Students are entered for the National Merit Scholarship program by taking the PSAT and meet the program participation requirements. The semifinalists are the highest-scoring entrants in each state. Students are notified through their schools and given the materials explaining the requirements to advance in the competition for National Merit Scholarship. Students who fulfill the requirements will be notified in February if they are a Finalist. Good-luck Matthew!

September 21, 2022 School Board Recognition

  • staff recognition

    Superintendent Dr. Seymour, Emily Kriegl, Whitney Eister, Board President Kara Prickett, Vice-President Joe Burns
    Whitney Eister, CCA Middle School Nurse
    On August 25 a student at CCAMS began to choke on a hot dog at lunch. Another student alerted Principal Mr. Fox that a student was sick in the restroom. Mr. Fox went into the restroom and then alerted Mrs. Eister. She took the student to the office. The student lost his airway to breathe so Mrs. Eister performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged some of the obstruction. The student was able to breathe and speak again but as Whitney continued to monitor him, he again lost his airway and Whitney did the Heimlich maneuver again to clear his airway. He then began choking and lost his airway and required the Heimlich for a third time. Whitney ended up successfully doing the Heimlich 3 times (6-8 thrusts each time). She is truly a lifesaver!
    Emily Kriegl, CCA High School Science Teacher
    This past summer, Emily applied for an Iowa STEM Teacher Externship and after the full-time, six-week summer position, she was recognized by the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory council for successfully completing the 2022 Iowa STEM Teacher Externship at Johnson County Conservation.
    The externship aligns STEM educators with knowledgeable and skilled industry employees who help bring the classroom curriculum to life. Iowa STEM Teacher Externships provide educators with the exposure to answer questions about real-world application, prepare students for careers they may have in the future and improve educational experiences.